5 Mistakes To Avoid in Medium

Are you a new writer?

Do you want to get your stories curated by medium?

Do you want your stories to be read by a lot of people?

To be honest in the beginning, when I started my journey on medium as a writer even I had too many hopes like you. Even I wanted my posts to go viral. Even I wanted my posts to be curated by medium although ironically in the beginning I didn’t understand what curation was.

I was always a very passionate writer and I loved writing everyday .

Writing was always my passion but I never thought of publishing in any platform not because I didn’t find any good platform but because I wasn’t aware that we can publish it online.

I felt only big authors and writers who are successful can write and we the common people can’t. But it wasn’t the case until I came across a few platforms.

I was surprised that every person irrespective of their age or job profile if they are passionate about writing then they can write and publish it on platforms like this. Which made me happy.

Then I even got to know that you can even earn money which was like bonus prize.

I feet that every writer who is passionate about writing and is looking for opportunities should feel lucky that they have platform to showcase their talent and skill. And they shouldn’t leave this opportunity rather they should make best use of the platforms available.

So when I got to know that there are platforms to showcase our writing skills I started doing my research about the various platforms available on the internet.

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So initially I got to know about WordPress and I felt it was an ideal platform to start my writing journey.

But for a writer it is important is to have a clear mind without much distractions or problems so that he can write with a clarity of mind and entirely focus on his writing.

But I felt WordPress was a bit too complex for a simple person like me who doesn’t know much of coding. So as a writer I felt too much of work was needed to be done, as we have to handle everything on our own. So I wasn’t able to focus entirely on my writing.

So then I got to know about medium on Linkedin as I came across a few writers there.

So I tried writing on medium and to my surprise I was shocked to see how easy it was writing on medium. I started loving everything about medium.

So without giving a second thought I kept writing. And I kept on writing around 25–30 stories within a month but none of them were getting the results I expected. So I stopped and did a bit of research and analysis about the blunders I was doing. So below are some blunders which I did and all are interlinked.

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Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

BLUNDER#1 — I didn’t read the curation guidelines before starting to write

So when I started writing on medium I was very confident about my writing skills and my content. I was very confident that my stories will do well but I was wrong about it.

Initially I didn’t bother much about reading the curation guidelines and I simply started writing which was the biggest blunder I did.

Let me tell you that if you want your story to do well it means that it must be read by large amount of audience, Right? But its not that easy as it looks because we all know there are very large amount of writers on medium who are writing everyday and its not possible for medium to recommend all stories to the viewers as there are too many of them. So they select few good stories for the audience to read.

So if your story gets curated it means that it has got selected for the medium audience to read under a specific topic.

What if your story is not curated? If your story is not curated then your stories are only recommended to your own followers and not to all the medium viewers.

And since I was a beginner I didn’t have any followers to read my stories so it was very important for me that my story gets curated so that my story gets more views.

But because I never read the curation guidelines none of the stories were getting curated. So I will recommend you that make sure you read the curation guidelines given by medium.

BLUNDER#2- My story headlines were All-caps.

If you read the curation guidelines properly you will get to know that it strictly doesn’t accept a story if it has All-caps headline.

Initially when I started writing I used to write the headline in capital letters because I felt it would be more eye catching but I was wrong.

So, doesn’t matter how good your story’s content was, if you write the headline in all caps then your story won’t be curated.

So, make sure your story doesn’t have a All-caps headline.

BLUNDER#3- I had clickbait stories

So, since my stories weren’t getting views I felt I need to have some catchy Headline (just like some Youtube videos) so that viewer definitely reads it but I was wrong and I totally regret it. I felt guilty as I was misleading audience and I felt was playing with their expectations. So soon after I realized my mistake I changed it with suitable headlines which gives clarity to the viewers about my story.

And also medium doesn’t promote clickbait so if you clickbait then your story won’t be curated which is very good because your story must not get views just because of clickbait, you deserve views only if your story has good content.

So make sure you don’t have any clickbait stories which are misleading the audience because it is our duty to provide best content to our audience.

Blunder#4- I didn’t use suitable tags

So, while publishing your story you have the option for adding tags in your story.

So, the blunder I did while publishing my articles was that- I used random tags which used to come to my mind without even bothering if that tag is followed by most people or not.

So make sure when you publish your stories you use suitable tags which are followed by most of the people using medium.

BLUNDER#5- I didn’t have any featured image

So we all know that the first impression is the last impression. When we scroll down in medium as viewer we see the title and featured image. Your title gives the viewer the idea about your story and the featured image gives clarity to the viewer about your story and about the emotions involved in the story.

But I never paid attention to using a good featured image for my story. I simply used to write without any featured image which was a blunder because it doesn’t provide clarity to the audience when they see your story from outside.

So make sure you have a relevant image for your story so that the audience gets clarity and also images play a big role in attracting the audience.(And don’t forget to give credits for the image)

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