Important things you should look before deciding which college you want to go to

So I will tell you what are some important things you should look before deciding which college you want to go to. So let’s begin:-

1) FACULTY – I think it must be the first thing you should see of a college before joining it as I feel its the most important criterion. Why?

Because it is a teacher that will play a very important role in making you hate or love the subject. For example, if you have been taught science by a not so passionate teacher then there is a high chance that you will hate the subject because the teachers are the ones who will introduce the subject to you and teach about it and we know that the first impression is the last impression so when your teacher doesn’t teach properly then you will have a bad impression about the subject. So we can conclude that, if not taught properly then you will not understand the subject, you will be confused, you will start thinking that you don’t like the subject as it’s not interesting which is actually not true, it’s just that the teacher wasn’t able to teach properly or couldn’t create interest in you or couldn’t make you understand. So it is very important for a teacher to create interest in the subject among the students. ( although I would agree to the fact that all students are different not all will be able to understand but I think at least the majority of the students should understand )

And I feel only a teacher who is passionate about teaching, a teacher who has good command over the subject can do it.

So understand the importance of a good teacher. I myself know few students who initially hated few subjects because they didn’t understand the subject or didn’t feel interested initially but later on when they watched few youtube videos of some good teachers they immediately felt interested and they realized that how wrong their perception was about the subject.

So whenever you join a college make sure that the college has a good faculty.

“‘Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.”

2) Infrastructure and Facilities – I feel this is the second most important thing you should look for when you are deciding about a college. You should see whether the college you are going to join has the facilities that are necessary and required to you for the next 4-5 years to easily stay in the college. Because when you join a college your goal is to acquire a good education and you can acquire a good education when there is no distraction and when there is a good and comfortable environment around you.

If there are problems of plenty around you then how can you focus on your studies?

For example- if I give you a huge bungalow to stay with 5-6 bedrooms where each family member can have his own room and also another room as a complimentary gift(special offer buy one and get one free). But if I say there are problems like there is a bad water supply, if there are no fans, if there are no shops around you and all are very very far.

So, will you still live in this bungalow? No, right?

That’s why it becomes important that there are proper facilities in the college you want to join.

3) Crowd( student of that college)- I think this is very subjective and you should not decide a college wholly on the basis of the crowd because let’s accept the fact that there are bad people everywhere. There are students in almost all colleges where they consume alcohol, drugs, etc which is a reality of today. We cannot do much in that. It’s totally responsible of a student to make sure that they are away from such bad people. Students should not be friends with such people because it can influence you very badly which can destroy your career.

Because the people with whom you spend your time most with, will shape you. So make sure you are mingling with the right people around you. If you have already did friendship with a bad person immediately go away from him because your parents have sent you to college to make you better human beings of tomorrow not bad human beings.

So i think these 3 are the most important factors that a student should see before seeing other factors like placements, fees and etc. Do comment and tell me whether you agree or not. Do let me know your thoughts on it. And do tell me if you think I missed something important. But if you like my article make sure you like, share, and comment.

Thank you for reading!

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