Tip From ABISHEK GOYAL-Advocate, Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Court(s)

Dear Budding Lawyers, I know the path ahead may seem hazy and rough right now. You may also feel that it is a difficult journey and a few of us have got a head start. I also know that at times you are struggling real hard to find one opportunity, be it internship or an intial job offer.

However, let me tell you something from my experience (and what my seniors used to tell me when I was in your place); it would soon work out. So, please ‘DO NOT GIVE UP’ and do not work in haste. Haven’t we all heard, sometimes or the other, “slow and steady wins the race”.

The same applies here too. Do not run after big names. Start slow, move one step at a time, try undergoing the tests and trials, which the initial phase puts us all through and just focus on the larger goals. Just trust yourself. Aim to work for experience than names and titles and just keep moving, working hard in the process (“just keep swimming”-finding nemo). Believe me, sooner or later, you would achieve your goal.

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