A Two-Day Workshop on the Practical Aspects of the CrPC

Presenting A Two-Day Workshop on the Practical Aspects of the CrPC

In the age of countless wannabe Harvey Specters, don’t you want to know how to nail being a Martin Vail? Well, yes… you do! And what better helpmate could you possibly think of other than your wingmen at LexGaze.
We are bringing to you a two-day workshop on the practical aspects of the CrPC, 1973. Of course, there would be some theoretical angle to it too, but as the name suggests, we’d be focusing more on the applied and in-the-field ingredient of the CrPC.

Freshly, the whole of India has witnessed numerous controversial arrests by the Police, and all of them left us on the fence, scratching our heads, thinking to ourselves- “ham kare toh kare kya, bole toh bole kya!?” (Hope you get it 😉)

Coming to the topic at hand, Ms. Shriya Maini –an award-winning Advocate on Record at the Supreme Court of India, also practicing at the Delhi High Court, District Courts & several tribunals– would be the chief faculty during the two-day workshop.

So, head to the link below and register now. Because this discussion will help you understand the actual working of criminal law, this workshop is a must attend for every single one of us!!!

LINK: https://lnkd.in/gmWY87K

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