CALL FOR PAPERS BY Jus Corpus Law Journal 

CALL FOR PAPERS BY Jus Corpus Law Journal WITH ISSN: 2582-7820 (INDEXED AT #HeinOnline , #J-GATE & 20 Other Places)

Jus Corpus is an open-access journal and invites manuscripts on any theme related to law.

Entries from scholars including students pursuing Bachelors or Masters Course in law and any other allied discipline of Social Science, Humanities and Management would be accepted.

Entries are to be sent to our Official Email Address:

A separate document containing the biographical information of the authors, including the following details: Name, E-mail address, Name and Address of Institution, Course, and Academic Year. No reference to the name or the affiliations of the author(s) must be present in the text of the submission and must only be provided in a separate document.
Co-authorship is allowed, to a maximum of three authors.
The abstract should be written in the Manuscript. Please note that there is no requirement of prior submission of the abstract, as papers are selected for publication only on the basis of the full manuscript.

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