Legasis Services Pvt Ltd. are Hiring!!

Legasis Services Pvt Ltd. are Hiring!!

They are looking for an Associate for the Compliance Solutions-Implementation Team. You will have to work on a leading Compliance Management Platform – Legatrix, that caters to 1200 clients across 60 countries, and supports 55,000 users.

Experience required: 1-3 years (relevant experience)
Academic qualification: LLB
Location : Pune
Skills required :
1. Knowledge and experience in Legal & Compliance
2. Ability to co-ordinate with external & internal teams
3. Project Management
4. Client handling skills
5. Good Communication Skills
6. Ability to analyze client’s data
7. Working within tight deadlines
8. Understanding of international laws and procedures

If interested kindly share your CV at: ahana.p@legasis.in or connect on +91-9823507555/ 7219832379

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