Innoterra are hiring for an open role in their legal team

Innoterra are hiring for an open role in their legal team. Our legal team currently comprises of 7 lawyers from diverse backgrounds, who handle the legal and compliance functions of the group on an end-to end-basis.
You will work on a range of legal and compliance functions, including drafting and management of contracts, assisting in corporate transactions and compliance functions, analysis of business requirements from a legal perspective, litigation management, liaising with external counsel or governmental authorities, and any other legal requirements.
You will be working collaboratively with the legal team to advise senior management on matters concerning compliance with local laws and regulations, potential legal risks in India, and guide internal teams in development of policies and laying down of processes.
You will be working in a dynamic, challenging and fast paced environment, which is constantly evolving based on business needs.
You will be operating across all of our divisions and group companies, and working directly with our Group General Counsel and other senior management. 
What we are looking for:
LLB from a reputed institute.
Between 3-6 years’ work experience working in a reputed law firm or a multi-national company.
For more senior lawyers who are interested, a part time or flexi-time arrangement can also be discussed.
Strong drafting, negotiation, and legal analytical skills, with a keen attention to detail.
Excellent relationship, management and communication skills.
Ability to handle designated verticals independently, with overall supervision of the manager.
What do we offer:
We offer a great place with work with direct impact on environment & sustainability
We are organization of young, dynamic & enthusiastic team members who are keen to learn.
Please send your resumes to

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