All India Legal Forum is  looking for freelancers

All India Legal Forum is  looking for freelancers who possess an interest in general corporate. Students from the 2nd to 4th years are eligible for the same. The work is to write the articles with me in corporate and commercial laws. The internship will be for 2 months and a certificate of the internship will be given after the same. The background of the college is immaterial as I need students who are dedicated and having skills in writing articles. Those who are having decent publications will be given preference. Also, those who are willing to write and have not written any article can apply considering the fact the student needs to hard work. Students need to work hard at least for a minimum 7 to 8 hours per week. For an internship, kindly mail your cv, cover letter and a sample piece of the article in case of any at with the subject ‘Application of Internship’.

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